Picture of Michelle

When I was a kid, I loved when my mom made cookies. I'd dance excitedly around the kitchen in anticipation as I heard the mixer compose its swirling symphony of sugary, gooey goodness. As I would hear the familiar clang of the beaters on the edge of the bowl, I'd hover at her elbow with my chin at the countertop, gaze up wide-eyed, and ask for the ultimate prize: "May I lick one of the beaters?"

Fast forward and it's no surprise I became addicted to baking. I still get that same excitement I had as a child- and yes, I even dance around my kitchen! I like to chase that feeling, the desire to create, experiment, and marvel in the experience of pure love, warmth, and deliciousness that is baking.

My fondness for art began at a young age. When my sister and I were kids, she liked to play "school," specifically "art teacher." Little did she realize where those how-to-draw books and painting canvases would lead me. My artistic abilities seemed to come naturally. It never felt like work. I sketched and doodled all the time, and even created my own little comic strip about a dog named Barky Sparky and his silly adventures.

When I was a tenth grader, I obtained a big box of old cake decorating supplies, tools, and recipes of my Great-Great-Uncle Bob. Bob was a cook in the Army and started cake decorating as a hobby after leaving the military. After I tinkered with his supplies, I realized that cake and icing were a medium I could use to express myself artistically.

After high school, I attended Shawnee State University, where my passion for art led me to pursue and earn a bachelor's degree in fine arts in 2006. It wasn't until after college that I was able to dedicate more time to building my skills in baking and cake decorating. When this happened, it was bliss. I found something that combined two of my biggest passions - art and baking.

As I practiced my cakes, I started to make them for family and friends. Every cake was greeted with praise and admiration. Friends started telling their friends about me, then their friends told their friends. Next thing I knew, I had a little part-time job making cakes. This was the birth of Project Cakes. This wasn't my main job though. My full-time job was that of a dental laboratory technician, but it was never as satisfying as cake decorating and baking. I dedicated most of my free time to Project Cakes in the hopes of growing my business. By August of 2014, I felt confident enough in myself and my followers to take the leap and pursue Project Cakes as my full-time career.

I love being a cake artist. I love the joy it brings, and enjoy sharing it with others. This is why I started Project Cakes.