I am often asked what my pricing is on my cakes, and my first reply is always to the effect of, "It depends on what you want."

Since each cake is unique, it is difficult to have a set price list. When figuring my pricing, I take into account the time and difficulty of the design, and compound that with the cost of ingredients and the size of the cake. So a sculpture of a dog could cost more than a sheet cake, but if the sheet cake has a lot of detail which requires hours of piping and drawing, such as cartoon characters or floral piping, then the sheet cake may be figured at a higher price. Fondant costs more than buttercream.

To save time in figuring an estimate, I've prepared a list of questions below. I will be able to create a quote more quickly if the answers to these questions are prepared when contacting me.

  1. How many servings do you need?
  2. What flavors do you have in mind? (Vanilla is the default flavor)
  3. 2D or 3D (a.k.a. "flat" or "sculpture")?
  4. Will you want fondant used? (Keep in mind, I may need fondant or sugar paste for things like flowers, figurines, or ornamental objects to be placed on the cake.)
  5. Where would you like the cake delivered? (This will help factor delivery price. I can also meet you somewhere halfway, or it can be picked up from my home.)
  6. When will you need your cake? (For availability purposes)

If you are unsure but have a general idea, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to guide you in your options and assist in your brainstorming.

I do ask that you keep in mind I am the only person working on these cakes, and usually I can only complete three to four cake orders per week, depending on difficulty. So space is limited and can fill up quickly. It is very important that I get at least two-week's notice for an order; a $15 rush fee may be added to the final price, depending on availability and time given. Some supplies or ingredients aren't kept in stock until needed, and cannot always be ordered quickly. The earlier you are able to put in your request, the more time I will have to prepare and dedicate to your cake. Your continued support and understanding is greatly loved and appreciated - it helps keep the blood-pressure down.